It is our passion to take the challenge of solving our client's problems – the more complex the better! This takes an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to continuously grow one's skills/knowledge, and the willingness to take reasonable risks.


In every respect we are committed for all our actions. We assure that we only promise what we know and we can deliver which applies to the product development, implementation, customer support and all other activities that we do.

Team work

We work as a team to improve performance, accomplish corporate objectives and provide direction to our future. Team members are supportive and loyal to each other as well as they care for each other both personally and professionally.


Our scientific staff persistently creates better ways of doing the things that we do routinely. We do not rest on our achievements, but rather build on them in our quest for being the best while setting higher standards. We endeavor to exceed expectations of our customers by demanding more from ourselves in every project we undertake.


Integrity is integral to everything we do at GMK Research. We strive for it and adhere to the highest ethical standards. We will treat our customers and employees with honesty, consistency, respect, courage, and above all fairness. We are always looking for customers with the same values and trust. If this is you then our chemistry will click well!!

Customer Focus

We are committed to improve our services, processes, skills, knowledge and Infrastructure continuously. We are focused to the expectations of our customers. To remain competitive, we relentlessly improve all aspects of the business, even those that are already surpassing competitive standards.

IP & Confidentiality

All laboratories and work space area are an electronically controlled. Confidentiality, Non-Compete & Disclosure agreement signed with all employees. Clients and Project information are coded. IP generated is assigned upfront to the customer. Emphasis on long term employee engagement.


We believe in open, honest and frequent communication. Our emphasis is on working together and collaborating to solve problems and meet customer’s requirements.


To realize our Vision of being a global leader, we ensure that our services adhere to the highest standards, at par with our competition and even setting new benchmarks.


We encourage continuous learning and strive to develop our people to their highest potential. We believe continuous learning is the only way to reach at the pinnacle. We are always eager to learn or try new ideas.

Employee Engagement

We strongly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We care about our people's aspirations and create an environment for them to perform and realize their potential. We reward and celebrate their accomplishments.


Safety, Health and Environment protection (SHE) constitute an integral part of all day-to-day operations at GMK Research Laboratories. We take all measures to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational hazards.


Contact us

R&D centre:

Plot No: 146 A, Phase-II, IDA-Mallapur,

Hyderabad - 500 076

Phone: (040) 27152526, 27155299