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GMK Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a premium contract research organization providing cost effective chemistry solutions to global customers of diverse origin varying from, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, Biotech companies, and Academic Researchers.

We are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious research organization.

Our values are Respect, Team effort, Transparency, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Safety

Our core team has in-depth knowledge and experience of delivering a broad class of chemistry services; ranging from hydrophobic compounds (Lipid/Sphingolipids, Steroids, Terpenes) to hydrophilic compounds (Carbohydrates/Oligosaccharides, Nucleosides/Nucleotides, Amino acids/Small Peptides) apart from conventional.Med. Chem. type Building Blocks/Scaffolds/Focus Libraries (Heterocyclic compounds, fused Heterocycles and Spirocycles). Furthermore, we also have expertise in the synthesis of natural products and their analogues (Alkaloids and Macrolides) and site-specific labeling with cold isotopes (D, 13C and 15N).

Our chemists are well versed with asymmetric synthesis emanating from chiral pool/chiral auxiliary/chiral catalysis approach.

We employ the state of art analytical techniques for unambiguous structural elucidation and have adequate lab infrastructure to support chemistry synthesis.

Our business offerings are through FTE, FFS and Milestone based models.

GMK Advantages

  • Passionate Chemists – Getting the Chemistry to work
  • Highly experienced Scientific team
  • State of the art equipment and laboratories to support synthetic chemistry
  • Maximum Customer’s Focus – Progressive company
  • No conflict of research
  • Flexible business models (Milestone/FTE/ FFS model)
  • Fit in to Customer’s budget.
About Image