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Process Development

GMK Research is an ideal contract partner for your Chemical Process Development. We have all the expertise required for developing a process that is robust, transferable, and scalable to meet your requirements. We bring years of experience to offer solutions to your requirement with an emphasis on quality, speed, and flexibility.

We support customers in all aspects of Process Development, including Process and Analytical R&D, stability studies, Impurity/Degradant Profiles, and Raw Material Sourcing. We fully understand your need for efficient outsourcing solutions in process development with a focus on reducing timelines and costs throughout all phases of development and manufacturing. Our services include the following:

  • Custom synthesis from mg to multi-kilogram scale in batch (up to 300L reactors) or continuous process
  • Optimization of existing synthetic routes
  • Development of environmentally friendly alternative synthetic routes
  • Development of IP protected synthetic routes
  • Statistical design of experiments (DOE) for process parameters and optimization
  • Development and optimization of Purification and Isolation methods
  • Isolation of active ingredients from natural sources
  • Transfer of process into GMP

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About Image